Noble Woof Learning Library
Noble Woof Learning Library

Welcome to Noble Woof Learning Library

An online database of dog behavior resources to help our clients meet their dog's full potential.


We believe that humane, practical dog behavior resources should be available to everyone. We offer both free & low-cost online dog training help.

Created by leading certified dog training experts, we offer support groups & courses for dogs of every age and behavior need. This premier online community of dog experts offers a Free Training & Behavior Chat, so you can ask questions and get quality answers directly from the professionals.

Our mission is to provide a progressive educational platform & community for dog guardians and trainers who strive to apply modern, science backed training and welfare for their animals.

This is a space where dog guardians and training professionals can come together to engage & learn through critical dialogue, live webinars, access to free training handouts, a library of training topics, on-demand virtual courses, and a FREE behavior helpline with a real trainer.

Why You Should Join Us

Our trainers are certified, and educated on the most current and science back training methodologies of modern dog training, so you can be sure that the advice you are getting is trustworthy.

Unfortunately, there is little to no industry regulation on what qualifies a person to call themselves a “dog trainer”. Googling dog training advice could leave you seeing your dog's behavioral issues get worse.

Luckily, there are independent testing organizations that require a trainer’s knowledge and skills to stand up to rigorous and standardized testing. These organizations are in place to ensure that the trainers of today are truly qualified to be giving advice.

Our trainers have worked passionately towards acquiring the one or more certification accredited by national organizations in the field. 

Our Noble Woof trainers are community focused, fostering a network of pet dog guardians and canine geeks who enjoy learning more about science backed training principles. 

In this community we empower each other to unlock our dog's full potential through humane training and education. Together we will set on a journey to streamline and maximize you and your dog’s potential for reliable communication through an enriched relationship and actionable training methodologies. You will learn to decode dog body language, meet your dog’s core needs, develop realistic, effective training plans, and apply positive reinforcement. This community is for you, because you care to understand your dog’s world as much as your dog strives to understand yours. 

Noble Network: 

  • Access the Noble Woof Network community feed

  • Access noble Woof written training handouts

  • Ask questions in our behavior helpline & get answers from a real training in real time

  • Learn of special webinars announcement and offers

  • Join free pop up webinars

  • Connect & Share your experiences with like minded dog guardians

  • Access our growing library of blog articles, video tutorials, handouts and recommended podcasts

On-Demand & Live Webinars & Courses: 

  • We have educational courses on a wide variety of common dog training topics ranging from puppy training, to adolescent dog training, to dog with specific needs such as reactivity or deaf & or blind dog training. 

  • When you purchase one of these courses you also get instant access to our greater Noble Woof Network community. 

Academic Canine- Mentorship Program with found Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA 

  • Access a growing library of exclusive dog training mini-series tutorials. We call these "Training Challenges".

  • Attend Monthly Zoom Q&A's & Weekly Office Hours to get answers directly from Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA

  • Participate in and choose monthly training challenge topics with access to specially recorded video tutorials and "mini series" by Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA

  • Access a Growing Library of Past Recorded Training Webinars and future ones.

  • Access the noble Woof Network community feed

  • Access Noble Woof written training handouts

  • Learn of special webinar announcements and offers

  • Connect & Share

  • Engage with like minds

  • Get help with complicated training cases if you are a dog training professional 

Monthly Training Mini-Series Challenges:

As a part of the Academic Canine Club, you will have exclusive access to monthly training mini-series. These are a series of tutorial videos filmed exclusively for the club, and presented in a mini-course format complete with written and video instruction. As part of the club you can share videos of you working on the skills with your dog, and post them to get feedback from Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA.

Monthly Training Q&A:

As a part of the Academic Canine Club, you will have exclusive access to monthly Q&A sessions via zoom.

These live group sessions are intended to answer questions from the group or address specific training topics (i.e. Topics such as reactivity, anxiety, engagement, confidence building and more). As a member of the Academic Canine Club you have the opportunity to guide our monthly discuss topic..

If you are unable to attend LIVE, webinars recordings will be available within 24-48 hours post-event.

Office Hours:

An additional added bonus to being a part of the Academic Canine Club is the ability to gain direct support via online chat during Brie's weekly office hours. Office hours are Sundays, 11:30-12:30pm PST. 

This is a time where head trainer Brie and/or someone from her team will be available via text chat where you can share video and ask your specific training questions.

A Big Thanks

"My greatest teachers have and will always be the dogs and humans I have the honor of working with every day. You are now part of that circle of mentors and I am immensely grateful for your unique presence within this community. I believe I will be learning along side you just as much as I will be teaching."

-Founder Brie Blakeman, CPDT-KA